Breaking News: Lewiston Maine Shooting

10:10 PM ET: Police and witnesses in Lewiston Maine are are reporting that Robert Card, 39, is the alleged shooter in Lewiston Maine. Residents and businesses are being urged to shelter-in-place as local police, federal officials, and state police attempt to find and apprehend this shooter.

Police say that 22 people have died and as many as 60 have been wounded in the attack. The suspect attacked a bowling alley and a Wal-mart Distribution Center in Lewiston.

Police released the following images of the shooter and his vehicle to the public.

They are asking that anyone who has any information about this mass casualty event, please contact Lewiston Police at 513-3001 ext 3327.

Our look into the history of the alleged shooting turned up the following information about Robert Card:

Card served in the military for 20 years and is a firearms instructor.

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